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Republicans want to give businesses immunity from COVID related issues if they open up. I get that. A business can do everything right and lose everything to a lawsuit. On the other hand, immunity removes the incentive to do everything right. So, here's a proposal that should make both sides, if not ecstatic, at least tolerable.

1. Business get immunity against lawsuits for cases of COVID if they follow recommendations for safety: Specifically provide face masks/gloves to employees and require face masks of customers. Also, to the extent possible, set up traffic flows for social distancing.

2. Employees can choose not to return to work if they are unwilling to risk the disease without losing their unemployment benefits.

3. All adult Americans who have a Social Security number or an ITIN will receive a check for $2000 each month starting in May, plus $500/month for each minor child. (This will probably need to be negotiated down to only Social Security Number or perhaps a lesser number for ITIN).

4. Any resident of America who develops COVID will be automatically enrolled in the state's Medicaid program for the treatment of the disease and related issues. This will automatic enrollment will last for one week after a test shows negative for the disease - with at least two followup tests to avoid the risk of false positives. The Federal government will cover 90% of those enrollees.

So, businesses get the immunity they want, and it's not on the worker's backs. Everybody happy?

Posted on May 12, 2020, 5:41 pm

Donald Brown

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