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All six episodes of Loki are now available for streaming, all great, and 99% of my speculations all got blown out of the water. But there's one big lie that's never been dealt with: The concept that The Time Masters (who are actually just He Who Remains/Kang) was "writing" the timeline, even, supposedly, the events in the Void where Loki and Sylvie make it past Alioth and confront HWR. I don't buy it.

For this to be true, they wouldn't have to print a new sheet for Loki's comments when he was being processed in Episode One. But more egregious is Renslayer's statement that everything that happened in Avenger's Endgame was "as it was supposed to happen", except for Loki leaning over, picking up and using the Tessaract. The time heist. Thanos travelling through time to the future, leaving behind a timeline with no Thanos. We're supposed to believe that HWR wrote time so that Stark, escaping with the case, would be slammed by an upset Hulk, the case would fly and land right at Loki's feat, those holding him would have released him - but Loki ignores it all and waits to be taken to an Asgard prison cell. Is there any variant of Loki that wouldn't have picked up the tessaract and escaped (well, maybe not Alligator Loki, no hands)?

Of course not. 

In Episode 5, it's not just Loki and Sylvie dealing with Alioth, they also send Moebius back to the TVN to burn it all down. Doesn't seem like part of a grand plan to keep the TVN going. In Episode 6, why have Miss Minutes tempt Loki and Sylvie with idyllic lives written into the timeline, if it's predestined that they'll turn her down to be presented with that choice. And why go through all that to get those two Lokis there, when there's a lot of Lokis already in the Void who could replace HWR - Classic Loki would probably do a fine job, working with Kid Loki or President Loki.

Here's what I think is the truth behind the lie. Reality is created by the choices made by an infinite number of sentients. The embodiment of the concept of an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters who eventually create Hamlet. These choices have consequences, the TVA and HWR know what all those consequences are. HWR is deciding which results he likes, which he doesn't like, and sends the TVA to destroy the universes he doesn't like.

And I believe HWR has a mental list of "individuals too dangerous to go after". When Renslayer said what the Avengers did was meant to happen, I suspect it meant that the Avengers were deemed to dangerous to try to prune. If the Avengers had been pruned in some timeline, you think they wouldn't have survived in the Void? If Thanos and his forces got pruned, at minimum wouldn't the Void have shown massive impact from the battle, wouldn't some of the Loki variants have seen it and mentioned it? (Yes, I know the Thanos copter was there, but even if there was a Thanos variant flying it, it was a far less deadly Thanos than the Avengers fought.)

The claim that HWR is writing history simply doesn't add up. And it makes even less sense in a Marvel universe. If what HWR is true, people don't make choices, they're working off a script. But choices define the Marvel universe. Peter Parker chose not to stop the robber who then killed Uncle Ben. Captain America chose to crash the plane into the Atlantic to protect America. Black Widow chose to sacrifice herself so Hawkeye could return to his children. Tony Stark chose to sacrifice himself by using the Infinity Stones to eliminate Thanos. HWR is eliminating those who make choices that don't serve his purposes. Kang may be a bigger threat, but HWR is the greater villain.

Posted on August 8, 2021, 4:30 pm

Donald Brown

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