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I am listening to an audio book that is a WONDERFUL adaption of a book I loved forever. If you're an Audible subscribe, you can get it here and it's well worth having.

In the 1980s, Fred Saberhagen started a series of Dracula stores, but with a different take. The first book, The Dracula Tape, is a retelling of the Bram Stoker classic - but from Dracula's standpoint. While he does not claim to be a hero (particularly by modern standards), he's not the monster the old story makes him out to be. This was long before Twilight, Being Human, so the idea of a non-monstrous vampire was shocking to me.

I've been hoping that it would be adapted into an audiobook, but filled with trepidation. Sometimes the books just don't hold up. More often, the narrators can't do service to it. There was an early audiobook series of Robert Asprin's Mythadventures series (which I'm thrilled to say was replaced with a very good version on Audible). And I just returned The Complete Enchanter for abysmal narration. The narrator for this book is Robin Bloodworth.

But this narration is great. It's told in first person by Dracula, and the narrator gives him just a hint of an accent as someone who has lived in London for a century might still have, rather than the extreme accent that Bela Lugosi made famous.

If you're not into audiobooks, it's also available as an eBook on Kindle or iBooks for $4.99.

It's the first of a series. I really liked the first three books of the series: The Holmes Dracula file (and can't wait for my next credit to get it) and An Old Friend of the Family are the others. After that, I thought the quality dropped off, but you may disagree.

Posted on March 7, 2015, 3:16 pm
Last updated on March 7, 2015, 9:01 pm

Donald Brown

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