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Those who know me, know that I am a major Trekkie. (Or Trekker, if you prefer, never cared for that controversy.) So the news about the new Star Trek series should be the highlight of my day. Scratch that, highlight of my week. Naw, highlight of my month! There's still lots of stories to be told, and I always thought Star Trek was better as a series telling individual shorter stories than big blockbuster movies.

But today's announcement (click here) leaves me annoyed and pissed off. It's great that it will be available on ways other than plain old TV, but CBS All Active is (a) overpriced and (b) if I was going to pick any service based on content, it's pretty near the bottom.

I'm also a Marvel fan, and was mildly annoyed at the series coming out on Netflix (was a Luke Cage fan back in the day, so a series with him is exciting). But only mildly annoyed, because I've been a Netflix subscriber in the past, and they've got a lot of stuff I'm interested in.

So, not happy about the service it's on. But that's only half of why I'm pissed off.

Read the announcement. They're doing a new series with new characters. AND THAT'S ALL THEY'RE SAYING. Not about when it's placed (classic trek/new trek movies? Going back? Going forward?). Not about the setting (Another Enterprise? Another ship? Starfleet Academy?). The only details are about the service, how it will be aired. That bothers me, and that worries me.

Because I suspect that means they don't have those details. They don't have a vision of what they're doing. It's all about cranking the money wheel.

Worst, because it's on digital, it's probably not going to get the funding that a network show would get. So they'll have to cut corners. That's not inherently bad, many shows on cable did creative things to get by with less money. Digital effects have gotten better and cheaper, so you can do good TV on a budget (the Librarians Season Two opener was great TV on a budget). But those details they didn't include would help show if we're going to get cost-effective Star Trek or just cheap Star Trek.

Maybe I'm overworrying this, and my displeasure with it tied to CBS All Access is making me overly cranky. But every past Star Trek announacement, even the one for TNG that was part of the creation of the UPN cable network, talked about the story, where they were going. That this announcement is just about how it's delivered makes me unhappy.

Posted on November 2, 2015, 9:15 am

Donald Brown

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