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Here's what should happen today. Mike Pence should go to Donald Trump with four letters. Two are resignation letters. One claiming he's resigning after seeing the actions of yesterday and feels it's time for an end, one claiming continuing effects from COVID make it impossible to continue doing the job. A letter issuing a full and unconditional pardon to Donald Trump, his children, Jared, and anyone else Trump wants to add to it, in order to have a fresh start. And a letter calling for the 25th amendment to be implemented and Trump to be removed because he is not able to do his job properly.

Pence would then explain, if you sign one of the two resignation letters TODAY, I will sign the pardon TODAY. You leave TODAY for wherever, Ivanka and Jared can take care of packing up your final belongings here. Alternatively, I distribute the 25th amendment letter TODAY, you are removed form office TODAY, and there is no pardon.

If Pence did that, and stayed firm, I think Trump would take the resignation plus the pardon, his sense of self-preservation is high. Sadly, I doubt Pence will do that.

Posted on January 7, 2021, 10:26 am

Donald Brown

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