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The main downside people are pointing to for the new MacBook is that there's only one port. That port can be used for power, video, audio, USB, but there's only one port.

Since USB C is an open standard, anyone should be able to make add-ons for it, and here's what I'd make if I was a hardware maker:

Powerbrick with integrated ports in the brick - a few USB ports, HDMI port, audio ports (I presume USB C supports audio), Ethernet, etc. Load it up. And a power cable off the brick. Brick stays on your desk with all the peripherals connected to it. Plugged in, your MacBook is a well-connected machine, external hard drives, printers, big monitor, external keyboard and mouse. Time to head out, disconnect one cable, and you're ready to work on the go with your ridiculously light laptop.

Yes, I know very little about hardware, not sure how hard it would be to make this, I'm assuming that supporting those ports is the open standard from what I've read but could be wrong. But if this seems like a neat idea, run with it with my blessings. (And if you wanted to send me one as thanks along with a Macbook to use it with, I wouldn't turn you down.)

Posted on March 9, 2015, 2:58 pm

Donald Brown

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