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I've mentioned before I'm designing a board game, thought I had a pretty good design. But got a real surprise in the most rigorous playtest yet. The feeling of risk that I'd thought was there, they weren't feeling it at all.

Gremlins In Space is meant to be a casual co-op game. So I wasn't expecting the players to be overly challenged. But still, with Gremlins appearing on board ship every turn, I thought there would be some sense of pressure. But they had it well in hand.

I think I may be going back to sabotage cards, but this time the gremlins are still there, causing the sabotage. Each turn, after the gremlins get zapped, they work on their sabotage. But how do I make it both challenging and yet not a losing proposition for casual players.

It's a bit dispiriting - I really thought I had it solid. Now, back several steps.

Posted on November 4, 2015, 7:40 pm

Donald Brown

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