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McConnell challenged Trump to provide his plan. Well, I'm not him (a fact I think the Lord for daily), but how's this.

(1) We restore DACA as it was under the executive branch, with one exception. On the fifth renewal, they get a green card and can apply for citizenship. This means that, five times, they've passed the background check that they don't have a criminal background. They aren't living on the public dime. They've shown themselves to be good productive citizens, so let's make them that.

(1a) We can put in some public service into the plan if necessary. Serve in the military or some other system of giving to the community with service. Oh, those who were out rescuing people from Hurricanes in Harvey and Florida - they've fullfilled that requirement.

(2) We do a significant boost to the budgets for the border patrol and coast guard, and determine if ICE needs a budgetary boost. (Yes, immigrants do come in boats.)

(3) We budget one million dollars towards the development of a virtual wall. Cameras, radar, ground sensors - and stations for quick response. This should be FAR more cost-effective than the physical wall, won't interfere with migration, can share land with ranchers whos land would be taken away for the wall, and actually be more actually effective against things like ladders, tunnels, balloons, drones, and so forth. We'll still call it a wall, so you know who can brag that he did build a wall.

(3a) Anyone suggesting land-mines shall go to the nearest blackboard and write one million times, "I will not be evil".

Simple. Win win win. Anti-immigration people get increased budgets to stop it, and a cost-effective way to catch them without wrecking the economy, the ecology, or stealing people's land. Pro-immigration people get DACA, no budget-busting physical wall - and something to build upon.

And the third win? Trump gets a win to notch in his pocket, gets a practical wall so that's another success, and actually looks human.

Posted on September 14, 2017, 10:16 pm

Donald Brown

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