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Spent yesterday playing Table Top games at two events and had a lot of fun.  If your idea of board games is Monopoly, there's a world of bigger and wilder games out there - and many don't take too long to play nor do they require great genius to understand.

Note: Yes, the links to the games here are Amazon Affiliate links. If you decide you want them, I'd appreciate it if you bought them through the links, but if you'd rather not, you can search on the game name and find options.

First, there was a small tournament of a fast and simple game called Love Letter Boxed Edition (where you are trying to knock your rivals out of the game by revealing their helpers trying to get their Love Letter to the Princess). It's a simple game to pick up, games move quickly, and lots of fun. (Nope, didn't get into the finals)

Then, an organization called Board of Games (that hold lots of weekly gaming meetups in southern california), played a game called Concordia Game(the picture above is from the game). It's a step up in complexity, you're colonizing ancient europe from Rome, setting up a trading empire. You have cards that give you choices of what actions to perform, you can buy more cards that give you more choices, and scoring is based in part on the cards you have and how they interrelate with the trading houses you've built. Oddly enough, I won this game, which is unusual.

Last game (also at the Board of Games event) was Machi Koro Board Game- it's a kind of odd game, you buy companies. Everyone rolls one or two dice on their turn, and everyone can make money from the dice rolls (in some cases, they'll take money from others). It's a very interesting game and will become part of my collection when there's room in the budget for it. Player hint - owning the Tax Office can be pay off BIG.

If you're interested in learning these games, there's a great site called meetup.com where you can find local groups on various subjects of interest. I'm a big fan of meetup.com, found several interesting groups on board gaming and others. Just remember, most of the meetups were formed by individuals thinking "Hey, would be great to get some/some more people come and do this", so these aren't (usually) flashy events where you just come and be entertained, join in and help where you can.

If you're just curious, Wil Wheaton has a web series where he plays these games with various celebrities, the show is called TableTop and it's part of the Geek and Sundry group. They do a combination of the simple and the harder games.

If you liked board games as a kid, check these out. They're a lot of fun. I think I'll write more about games in the future, including ones that are good entry games.

Posted on April 12, 2015, 11:57 am

Donald Brown

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