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I use Apple maps, and for the most part, it works great for me. I've tried others, and they also do what they do well. But... I want more. Here's my dream feature list for maps.

  1. Let me create my own routes or really modify routes that it creates. Sometimes I want to make a specific route with multiple stopping points, sometimes I know the roads better than the map app does and want to make differences.
  2. Even cooler would be if I could "teach" the app prefered routes for certain sections. When I'm headed home on I-10 from the west, it always wants to send me in this one path to get to my home street. I'm not very fond of that path. I'd love to tell the app "anytime I'm coming home from this direction, route me this way".
  3. Let me set parameters for the route generation. No toll roads, no residential routes except as necessary for the final leg, etc. Google maps does this pretty well, Apple maps doesn't and always is proposing toll routes on its first choice.
  4. Let me bookmark routes, not just locations. I love board games, some of the meetups are fairly long trips, and I often have to choose a route other than its first choice. Would love it if I could save a route of "Home to Rick's House" "Home to Boston Pizza" (and the return routes). Yes, when I call it up, look over the route and let me know if something has changed (very heavy traffic, accident, bridge out, closed for maintenance) and ask if I want to update the route.
  5. Store the maps for the routes I'm going to take today (not just the current route, but other ones like the trip home) so that if connectivity is poor there's no delay loading the map. Again, as you travel, update road hazards and special conditions, but let me load the base maps. And don't make me manually select the maps to get, just automatically load the ones I'll need for that trip.
  6. A pause feature. I'm pulling off the highway for a snack, to run an errand or to see the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota. Let me hit pause, the navigation just stops for a bit, I do what I'm going to do, then hit resume and it gets me back on the route. Bonus points if I can pause, have it give me directions to the Ball, then laster I can resume the main trip without it having forgotten where I was going and which route I chose.

If there is a map app with all these features, please let me know. I know Google maps has some of these features, in part or in whole.

Posted on April 20, 2015, 2:12 pm

Donald Brown

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