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First, an admission: I'm a Walmart cashier, so I'm considered "essential", have a job, go out daily, am making money. So I am not experiencing the financial stress os many others are. Of course, I'm also worried that I'll get sick from being essential.

That said, I think the idiots saying "back to normal now" are insane. This is still a deadly disease, very contagious, and we have no natural immunity nor no vaccine.  It kills people, it puts far more in the hospital and causes lifelong issues. Yes, we're going to have to start loosening the lockdowns when it's clear the spread has slowed down a lot, but that's loosening.

I see those people protesting to "open up now", and they might as well be advertisements about why we need lockdowns. They gather tightly without protection, they're going to be spreading the virus among their groups, they carry signs that make it partisan, and they look like a mob.

If I was on their side, here's how I'd organize the protests:

  1. Everyone wears masks. Properly, over mouth and nose. If you can't wear a mask, you don't participate.
  2. Everyone dresses up as if they were going to an office or church. We're sending the message that we're serious people with serious concerns.
  3. All signs must be non-partisan and about the economic distress being caused. If you bring a pro-Trump sign or an anti-Democrat sign, it will be taken and you'll be asked to leave. Here's a list of messages you can adapt.
  4. There will be taped marks on the street, six feet separated. You go to a mark and stay there, unless you're called upon to speak. We're showing that we can be smart without being locked down.


Posted on May 3, 2020, 10:02 am

Donald Brown

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