The Wurlitzer Mini-Bubbler PC


I saw it in a catalog, and had to have it. An 18" replica of a Wurlitzer Bubbling Jukebox. Neon lights, bubbling tubes, what memories. I brought it home, and it was cool. could only play one CD, or play the radio. Maybe I could make it do better.

I decided to put a PC in it. It was very tight, I had to use a mini-ITX motherboard with a 1.8 gHz Celeron processor. The technical specs, and why I made the decisions I did, are in the Notes.
The case always had a flip down panel, disguised as the panel showing the songs to play. This used to hold the radio controls. The CD was the yellow bar that says "Wurlitzer". Unfortunately, the original CD spot wouldn't work for a DVD-ROM, so I put the DVD-ROM behind the flip down panel.
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