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I like to create stuff. I like writing essays or short stories. I like making movies. I like taking photos. Here are some things I have created.
Essay 11/5/2002
In Memorium - about four wonderful cats who spent too short a time with me.
Photo Album 11/5/2002
Pictures of the new kittens who keep my life busy.
Photo Album 9/21/2002
Pictures from the grand opening of the St. Louis Apple Store.
Fiction 10/12/2000
Internet Time - A story about getting too wrapped up in one's work.
Photo Album 8/4/2000
Pictures of my cats
Fiction 7/22/2000
Two Roads Taken - The start of a novella I've written
Fiction 7/12/2000
Going Home Again - My take on the Superman/Lex Luthor history.
Video 7/1/2000
Bad Cats - A movie about what cats do when the owners are away.
Essay 6/12/2000
It's Not Just The Blues - My history with Depression, and how I dealt with itl
Essay 5/7/2000
I'm fat? Never Noticed - My attitudes towards society's attitudes on fat.
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