Cool stuff is simply that, stuff that's cool. It's something you look at and say "Neat!" It can be expensive or cheap, large or small, rare or common, all that matters is when you consider it, you realize there's something very cool about it.
1/15/2004 - A great site for showing off your pictures online.
1/19/2003 LexMark PrinTrio - A very nice printer/scanner that won't put too much stress on the wallet.
12/22/2002 DishPVR 721 - A powerful combination of satellite receiver and Personal Video Recorder.
11/20/2002 Scoop and Bag Litter Scooper - The ultimate cat litter box scooper.
10/18/2002 Spymac - A great online community for Mac users.
10/15/2002 Animal Crossing - A strange but compelling game for the Nintendo GameCube.
10/7/2000 Nomad Jukebox - The best MP3 player, in its day.
9/23/2000 CyberDrink Holder - A drink holder for your desk.
8/3/2000 Internet Killed The Video Star - A music video for the modern age
7/22/2000 Iron Dragon - A computer adaption of a fantasy trains board game.
7/22/2000 Superman Vs. Bugs Bunny - The teamup nobody expected
6/28/2000 Victronix Cybertool - A knife that every geek would love, and can use.
6/4/2000 Disney's Tarzan - This DVD is packed with everything you'd want to know about how a major animated movie is made.

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