Completed Projects

The Cabinets

Ebony and Ivory Rebuild
The hardware in Ebony and Ivory was great, the case wasn't what I wanted. The new case is sleaker, cleaner, and includes a third computer.
Ebony and Ivory
A cube, two feet on each edge, with both a kicking PC and a kicking Mac in one.
Penny Arcade 2
After trying to cut the costs in the Penny Arcade by using a Namco Arcade Games controller, someone asked me how cheaply I could make an arcade cabinet that used the full MAME software. I was surprised at how low I got.
Lite-Brite PC
Another PC mod in a case. When I saw that the old Lite-Brite toy was available as a cube, I knew what I had to do.
Wurlitzer PC
This is another PC mod in a case, as opposed to an arcade. I got a Wurlitzer Mini-Bubbler, an 18" high replica of a jukebox. Just had a radio and CD player. First thought, I could put an MP3 player in There. Second thought...
Penny Arcade
Finally, an arcade cabinet that's not afraid to be an arcade cabinet. Instead of a computer running MAME, the cabinet is powered by a Namco TV Games 5-in-1 adapter, making it a lot cheaper.
Killer Pizza
After being less than happy with Cubius Maximus, I decided to squish it down.
Cubius Maximus
This transportable cube has everything you need to awe the competition at the local LAN party. It proved to be a disappointment, too heavy, not cool enough
The Portable Arcade MarkIII
This final version of the portable arcade has a sturdy wood frame, covered with a pseudo-leather fabric, making it both strong and reducing the weight.
The Portable Arcade Mark II
This second attempt is better, but wasn't quite there.
The Portable Arcade Mark I. This is the first attempt at a portable arcade cabinet. Too heavy, too clunky. Needed redesign,
The Coffee Table Arcade. This arcade cabinet hides in a coffee table. When opened, control boxes lift up and the games are played on the large screen TV.
The Living Room Arcade Mark II. Similar goals to above, but fits in a normal looking cabinet. The controls slide out on a drawer mechanism. The plans are now available for sale at Game Cabinets, Inc.
The Living Room Arcade. An arcade that is designed to fit in the living room, instead of shouting "I'm an arcade cabinet". Unfortunately, I'm told it shouted "I'm a pregnant armoire"
The Desktop Arcade. This was an attempt to get to a simpler arcade, without the bells and whistles. This was a weekend project. The Plans are available from
The Secret Arcade. I had the idea of an arcade cabinet that was in disguise. Plus, wouldn't it be great to have a cabinet that also played console games?
The Cocktail table. This was my first arcade cabinet, built from plans sold by Game Cabinets, Inc. I made changes as the project proceded.


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