The Desktop Arcade

After the complexity of the Secret Arcade, I decided to go for a simple, straightforward project. This project was able to be built within a single weekend. The footprint is 24" deep by 18" wide. It is dedicated to MAME game playing.

The monitor on top is a 15" monitor that I was able to pick up very cheaply at a company sale. Inside is a refurbished Compaq Pentium III Desktop Pro that I was able to find for $200. No internal fan, other than the fan in the power supply, so it's nicely quiet even when on.

The computer is running an MS-DOS equivalent called FREEDOS, MAME, and the FEMAME front end. I've only got 10 games installed.

Not including the computer and monitor, the case and controls ran in the range of $150-$200. The plans are on sale from

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