The Cocktail Cabinet

This was my first cabinet, created by plans from Game Cabinets Inc. It's not quite according to their plans--I made some modifications like removing a side control panel and through my errors in measuring only has one joystick per side. Still, it looks good, and plays well.

There's a 19" CRT monitor providing the graphics, and an old Compaq Presario that I had at the bottom, stripped of its case. It's the noisiest of my machines, because there's a fan in the base that's rather loud.

The computer is running Windows 98SE, MAME, and the "Mame Classic" front end. It's got the full set of ROMs installed, and two-player mode does work.

I believe it cost me about $800 for this, not including the cost of the computer that I already had. I spent about three weeks on it.

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