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Hello, I'm Donald Brown. For those who don't know me, I'm a gadget freak, a programmer, and have a love of making arcade machines and other unusual computers.

Before you ask--yes, the eyepatch is real. I had a non-cancerous brain tumor removed a decade or two ago. It was wrapped around a nerve that controls my right eyelid, right eye movement, and right eye pupil size. In the process of removing the tumor, the nerve died. There's no gaping socket or anything underneath, just a permanently closed and droopy eyelid.

This site mostly covers an interest that I pursued passionately, creating custom arcades and other computer based creations. For now, at least, that passion has ebbed.

My current passions are the work I do for Spymac.com, where I am a moderator and provide technical support. I also am very active in a game called City of Heroes, where you can find me on the Virtue server. In the past, I have worked for CE Software (whose operations are now handled by Startly) and Prairie Group.

I've got some online photo galleries at a site called Smugmug.com. It doesn't have the community aspect of Spymac's galleries. But, if you want to put together photo albums, or want to put up pictures that others can purchase prints for, it's a great service. You can also use Smugmug to host images for other websites, the images in several of these section are stored on Smugmug's servers.

I've also got three cats (Odis, Milo, and Belle) and will happily bore you to tears by talking about them.

Contact me at gadgetdon@mac.com

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